Late Gamer Watches “Batman: The Killing Joke”

Late Gamer Watches “Batman: The Killing Joke”
By: Hidai Moya

Based on the iconic graphic novel of the same name, this movie tells the dual story of the origins of the Joker and how he got to be so demented & his vile “final plan” on how to deal with Batman. While it was decried by many to be a mediocre adaptation of the novel, I’m not a fundamentalist about adaptations so some of the changes made didn’t bother much. By the time of its release we have already gotten plenty of movies exploring the edge of darkness that Batman must traverse when the Joker pushes him far. I was never once bored with this movie but given the subject matter it’s about I didn’t feel it delivered the emotional devastation it should have. Came across feeling just like an average Batman movie. “The Return of the Joker” film set the bar for emotionally devastating Joker scenes & this didn’t reach that level. Grade B-

Late Game Plays “Return To Castle Wolfenstein”

Late Game Plays “Return To Castle Wolfenstein”
By: Hidai Moya

The long awaited sequel to the iconic 1992 classic & a prequel to the 2014 hit “The New Order”, I’m very happy to say 2001’s “Return To Castle Wolfenstein” still holds up quite well today. I have a special place in my heart for this historical fantasy franchise. It’s a great mix of SciFi & Nazi Occultism. The goal is to stop Himmler from unleashing an ancient demonic power to win WWII. Dr. Deathshead & his monstrous Mecha-Nazi creations also make their debut. It does a good job mixing its classical FPS style with the gaming mechanics of the modern era especially in the wide array of weapons to choose from. The level design is fantastic. With consistent from arctic bases to medieval catacombs to explore it always keeps you on your toes & it never feels repetitive. It gave me 23 hrs of Nazi killing fun! Grade B+

Late Gamer Plays Call of Duty

Late Gamer Plays Call of Duty.
By: Hidai Moya

In 2003 gaming history was made when the first installment in the most successful action franchise ever was released. 14 years later it still remains as mighty & enthralling as ever. Starting with the D-Day invasion you drop into Normandy with the 101st Airborne & take out enemy artillery. Later you play as a British Commando in a thrilling sequence where you must hold a strategic bridge in the town of Bénouville, France repelling wave after wave of Nazis trying to recapture it. The sound design is incredible especially when you hear the whining moan on the tracks of a panzer & the ghastly buzz of a German MG42 machine gun. This also contains one of the most extraordinary & unforgettable moments of the entire series during the Battle of Stalingrad as you land on the banks of the Volga river under heavy Luftwaffe bombardment. Grade A-


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