Imagine If… – Episode 159 Kal-L Earth 2 Superman 101

Chris and Mitch dive into the spinner rack for this week, and the to prepare for the upcoming ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ crossover event the guys breakdown Kal-L, Earth-2’s Superman on this #NewComicBookDay. So if you ever wonder “What If?”, or utter the words “Just Imagine”, or love to argue “Who Would Win?” then this is the podcast for you. Let Chris and Mitch take you to another world, another time, and instruct you to “Imagine If…”.

The Geeks’ Watch – Episode 152 The Mandalorian Eps 1 &2; Watchmen Eps 4

“The future comes, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall miss no game, withhold no news, report all rumors. I shall wear no jerseys and plead allegiance to no side. I shall live and die on my webpage. I am the word in the darkness. I am the watcher of the tv. I am the megaphone that informs the realms of geek. I pledge my hands and name to the Geek’s Watch, for geeks and all the geeks to come.” John, Mitch, Jess, and Elizabeth talk about Disney+, then dive into the The Mandalorian Chapter 1 & 2, & HBO series Watchmen episode 4: ‘If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own’.

The Fantastical Football Podcast – Week 10 2019

The Geek Elite are playing fantasy football, come listen as they go over their past week in navigating the NFL 2019 season. To recap Week 10 and talk about going into Week 9, Commissioner Mike Santos has Mitch, John, Garrett, Eric, and Candice, get together and discuss their teams’ ups and downs, and strategies going into next week, and Andy sends in his audio.


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Badda bing, badda boom. Our review of #TheIrishman is now available as Wayne suggests #MartinScorsese doesn''t know when to quit, leaving me all kinds of dismayed!


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⚠️This week’s episode is carnage!

The gang put #LoveActually on trial, and it’s a battle! Definitely a must listen. There’s also a Love Actually quiz at the end (if you last that long)

Shout out: @DareDanielPod


Only a week left to enter the competition to win a We Watched A Thing mug, your choice of film to make us watch and review on the show, AND for one lucky Aussie, a double pass to the movies. Get your entries in folks!


We are so excited to continue a segment on our show called “Audience Asks!” 🗣

This week we are looking for one topic from the movie “Ana and the Apocalypse ” you would like us to debate.

If we pick yours we will shout you out!🙌
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