Late Gamer Plays Assasin’s Creed III By: Hidai Moya

There is something indelibly sexy about being a Mohawk warrior fighting for liberty during the American Revolution. It’s a fantasy fulfillment this offers, even if it doesn’t fully take advantage of that premise. It’s in its open world set in Colonial America that it shines as you battle Red Coats amidst forest woodlands, rock promontories, & frontier palisade forts using muskets, bow & arrows, & a badass tomahawk to annihilate your enemies with (the combat is cathartic as hell). It’s got a great “Last of the Mohicans” vibe to it as you explore the pine trails & hunt wild animals. There’s a lot of 18th century naval combat to do which is a ton of fun. Remarkably this also illustrates the suffering of Indigenous people at the hands the Americans & the British, so I really respect it for telling that crucial part of history too. Grade B+