Hey Mitch! – Episode 41 Avengers: Infinity Wars *SPOILERS*

Mitch has Stephen and Rafie on moments after seeing Avengers: Infinity War to get their immediate reactions and discuss the movie.
Be forewarned Eventually they get heavily into spoilers for the film.

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@GeekEliteMedia I feel like Hudson Hawk is one of those movies that almost nobody has ever seen.

Mt. Rushmore of Daria's Classmates:

- Jane
- Jodie
- Up Chuck
- The Goth Girl Who Worked at Home Depot https://t.co/6LtXHUe1Nf

MTV’s adult animated sitcom Daria is set to make a comeback with a spinoff starring Tracee Ellis Ross in the works.

Warner Bros. have debuted a team of four women who will oversee the studio's scripted TV development.

Just.... have... to.... make it... to.... steam sale.

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