Late Gamer Plays “Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars By Hidai Moya

Lego’s “CLONE WARS” game is even better than the original SW Lego game. It perfectly captures the impromptu style of adventure the animated series is known for. Among the things that are noticeably improved over the original SW game is the music & visually impressive & creative boss fights. They involve multiple duels in different settings each with a unique twist. Surprisingly however one of the best things about this game is the inclusion of a Galactic Assault mode. It’s a seemingly simple yet challenging RTS battlefield where you have to take out enemy artillery with all sorts of weapons & vehicles at your disposable but in LEGO form which makes its twice as fun. This game is in many ways the runt of SW games. It may not be Battlefront or KOTR but as far as a Lego game is concerned this is among their very best. Grade A-

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