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Feeling any post #ValentinesDay blues?!? Well, our next mini episode is going to try to help by @untidyvenus & I sharing some of our love advice!!!

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Merrily merrily merrily... we tackle STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER.

Shatner V God.

What else do you need?


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In this week's Feature Review we're talking the #LiamNeeson starrer #ColdPursuit and wondering whether a) it's a good film and b) Neeson has killed any chance it had? Get involved with the discussion @ #PodernFamily

Nobody had any idea how to market 1990's "Heart Condition" starring Bob Hoskins & Denzel Washington.

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Late Gamer Plays

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Late Gamer Plays Marvel Spider-Man

A Review From Hidai Moya

Borrowing heavily from the Ubisoft open world formula, a page from the Rocksteady Arkham games, & a solid dose of its own gaming heritage, Insomniac’s concoction has created not only the definitive Spider-Man game but one of the greatest superhero titles ever.
This thoroughly, consistently, delivered non stop thrills over & over & over again it put me in a state of euphoria unlike any other open world title I’ve played. Spidey’s hypnotic acrobatic web swinging & combat mechanics is pure bliss (he is also so goddamn hilarious not a minute went by where I wasn’t laughing). More impressive still is the fact that this is probably the best incarnation of Peter Paker we’ve seen, including his film incarnations. Dazzling visuals combined with beautiful character moments make this an unforgettable experience. Amazing.

Grade A+

Late Gamer Plays Forza Horizon 4

A Review From Hidai Moya

With ‘Forza Horizon 4’, Microsoft/Xbox continues to prove that it owns the flagship car/racing series of the 8th generation. Not only does it breathe new life into this decades old genre but it also takes a racing game to unprecedented heights it’s literally never been to before.
The developers had the ingenious idea of introducing a dynamic open world whose environment would change with every annual season. Allowing players to have a fully shared open world with other drivers is also a gleefully whimsical feature that ensures a unique experience every time you play.
On a technical level this game also looks impeccable in native 4K & on the XBox One X.
As of launch, it has also become the highest rated AAA racing game of the last 14 years.

Grade A

Late Gamer Plays Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

A Review From Hidai Moya

This game offers a stark contrast to the overwhelming amount of multiplayer “First Person Shooter” titles out on the market.
A non arcade, tactic based, realistic, battle royale simulator that is incredibly unforgiving & requires a hard learning curve to master. It is by it’s very nature not for everyone. Traditional FPS skills will not easily transfer over since its mechanics are designed to favor more precise gun-play combat than the “pray & spray” habits usually employed.
The best compliment I can give to it is that it, more than any FPS game I’ve played, fulfills that old war adage of long boring silence punctuated by moments of sheer terror. I’ve felt genuine fear creeping through buildings & looking both ways before I go somewhere not knowing if someone is about to kill me. It’s unpredictable nature is what makes it fun to come back to.

Grade B

Later Gamer Plays Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

A Review From Hidai Moya

I was really excited for this given the fact that I am Mayan myself with an affinity for Meso-American culture, & I also loved the first game in the reboot. This third title however is only slightly better than its predecessor, if only because it’s setting is a visual improvement & there is an attempt at telling a more original story even if all of its elements don’t always work well.
It’s evidently clear most of the effort went towards creating its beautiful rain forest setting rather than the writing. Its depiction of the jungle is visually striking but it’s semi open world design can be frustrating to navigate.
The story is just okay. Even with excellent voice acting & character models, it can’t pull off a satisfying climax because it weaves too many plot lines together & doesn’t know what to do with them all. Buy it on sale.

Grade B

Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption 2

A Review From Hidai Moya

This is only 1 of 3 games I’ve ever played whose characters were so palpably human that it’s on par with the best performances in Oscar caliber films.
Dutch is one of the greatest villains in gaming history & Sadie Adler stole every scene she was in. The open world however is undermined by Rockstar’s needlessly excessive desire to have everything be pseudo realistic.
In 2018 there is no reason to slow a game down just to pick up a can of beans. The shooting/cover system certainly could’ve also needed some innovation since they are still the exact same mechanics from 8 years ago. The reason this game is special, first and foremost, is because of its captivating characters & memorable story, the rest I could overlook. Chapter 6 of this game is one of the most intense & memorable gaming experiences you will ever have.

Grade A-

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