What is Geek Elite Radio?

Mission Statement:

Geek Elite Radio Networks feature podcasts and articles about everything we are geeking out about. We are a group of geeks that are passionate about topics that run the pop culture gamut, from Anime to sports and then to food. So keep an eye out and if you dont come across something you are interested in, contact us and maybe you can be a contributing geek as well. We want to create a community where everyone is included and informed, because being informed is the most effective way to be included in a community.Thank you for listening and participating in this pop culture experiment weve aptly named Geek Elite Radio. So go forth from here, inspire joy-joy feelings in those around you, and be well.

Twitter Feed:

Teaser trailer for Broly the second DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
-Daniel https://t.co/lJPQJBg3Mh

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Donald Glover told us that Solo is a lot more fun than the other... https://t.co/8Hx7hNUnWM

Behind the scenes interview with the cast and creators of Krypton. Plus Blake Ritson as Brainiac.
-Daniel https://t.co/hSPZvMVZsa

Epic Games is teasing us with this new Fornite picture. Could we possibly be getting a John Wick skin?
-Daniel https://t.co/afDxKt9ci5

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