Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption 2

A Review From Hidai Moya

This is only 1 of 3 games I’ve ever played whose characters were so palpably human that it’s on par with the best performances in Oscar caliber films.
Dutch is one of the greatest villains in gaming history & Sadie Adler stole every scene she was in. The open world however is undermined by Rockstar’s needlessly excessive desire to have everything be pseudo realistic.
In 2018 there is no reason to slow a game down just to pick up a can of beans. The shooting/cover system certainly could’ve also needed some innovation since they are still the exact same mechanics from 8 years ago. The reason this game is special, first and foremost, is because of its captivating characters & memorable story, the rest I could overlook. Chapter 6 of this game is one of the most intense & memorable gaming experiences you will ever have.

Grade A-

Chris’ Comic Book Corner: Green Lantern #3

A review from Chris Franey

Ok so to start, Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp are hitting this series out of the ball park!  Issues 1 and 2 were just amazing on their own and for long time fans there were great love letters to Hal’s roots in the Sliver Age…now don’t think that means you have to know all your back issues in order to fully enjoy; Grant and Liam have crafted their own tale that you can dive into and enjoy.  For example if you liked All Star Superman then this could be the All Star version for GL, but what is great is that it also has all the little gems and cameos from Hal and the GLC’s history just like Grant did with Batman (remember Zur-En-Arrh?).

    For your eyes Liam Sharp brings his finest.  You don’t just see the page, you have to look at it, there is so much eye candy here it is fantastic, he makes the galaxy fit on a page (or 2).  I like the way he has rendered his Hal Jordan and also various members of the GLC, they do feel alien. The colors and layouts are very bold and really pop which just awesome and very poster worthy.  

    In this third installment, “Slave Lords of the Stars” (nice sliver age touch) we see the GLC find an illegal sale of planets by long time JLA villain Kanjar Ro is the auctioneer selling planets, offering various supervillains (make sure to have your who’s who and secret files handy) a chance to have their own followers or be a GOD.  Which works out perfectly as an Old Testament version of appears to buy planet Earth. Hal takes this personally and wants to handle it himself, which causes the GLC to take on the Black Stars (meaner version of the Dark Stars). I like the name dropping that Grant does for other heroes/characters…I’m very glad to finally see Tom Kalmaku back in Hal’s life and their interaction was great.  

    So after the Earth is sold to “God” everyone gets superpowers but the Earth itself is in chaos.  Hal tries to get the “God” to give up the Earth, but the people are ok with what is happening, so Hal has to get them to think about what the repercussions would be to their new arrangement with “God.”  I really like how Liam Sharp illustrates Hal using his GL ring. By the near end of this issue we see Hal start to become a bad cop and with his history (Parallax) we should be very worried. Overall I would rate this issue 5 out of 5 Power Batteries as it has great dialogues and fantastic illustrations, the series so far is doing great and I would recommend you getting the first two issues as well.  So let’s see what happens to Hal, Earth, and the GLC next issue, as always Read on and Excelsior!

Late Gamer Plays Red Dead Redemption

A Review From Hidai Moya

Just played this for the first time & can now appreciate why it’s held in such high regard by so many.
The main story didn’t really grab me like I had hoped because I didn’t like the way that Martson is the government’s errand boy which totally undermined how badass & cool he was in my eyes (but he is an outstanding character there is no denying).
What I really respected however, was the love that went into creating the game engine. Before Ubisoft became acclaimed for their historical open worlds, Rockstar did it first here with their remarkable engine that clearly influenced the ‘Assassin Creed’ franchise.
I was also surprised at how sharp & insightful the dialog was. It’s the kind of honest & raw expressions of humanity that I wish more games had. When the finale finally hit I thought it was the perfect way to wrap up the game.

Grade A-

Imagine If… – Episode 118 Brand New Year

Chris and Mitch talk about whats on the spinner rack and then imagine what the Spider-Man story One More Day/Brand New Day would look like in the DC Universe.

So if you ever wonder”What If?”, or utter the words “Just Imagine”, or love to argue “Who Would Win?” then this is the podcast for you. Let Chris and Mitch take you to another world, another time, and instruct you to “Imagine If…”.

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