Geek Elite Radio Features: FanboyNation’s RC Samo







Mitch and Rich sit down to talk to the Editor-In-Chief of, RC Samo.


FanboyNation has a mission statement that seems to be needed now more then ever:

“FanboyNation Magazine was birthed from the need for accurate and authentic journalism within the rumor mills of the comic book/graphic novel world. We build our foundation on the universe that Kirby built, expanded our wings into animation, soared into film coverage, landed in the world of combat sports, journeyed into digital world of gaming and planted our flag as one of the most recognizable lifestyle outlets.”

FanboyNation is throwing a cosplay cruise through Carnival Cruises and RC wanted to tell the guys some of what patrons of the four day party on the sea event could expect.

An excerpt from the interview:

Mitch: “What would be all included in the cosplay cruise?”
RC: “…All your food and lodging is included, alcohol and sodas is always extra. We will have two parties, so we’ll have a cosplay contest, followed by a dance party afterwards. And then on formal night we’re having a masquerade ball…”
Mitch: “…Are you also having celebrity cosplay?”
RC: “…we have ‘Bboy Spider-Man’ and ‘Maid Of Might’ already confirmed.”


Make sure to check out and for more details.…

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